the journey to paid professional performing artist

So don’t try to be one!

My most recent audition reminded me of this.  But I know I come to the realization every time, so I wish I would just remember it for next audition!

You will never, ever know what the director is looking for.  Even if they tell you what they’re looking for, undoubtedly it won’t be the whole picture.  And this is fine!  We can’t make anyone think we’re great.  The more I audition the more I see dancers and performers who I think are amazing not make it past the first cut. 

And it’s probably nothing you have control over.  In looking for audition advice, I’ve heard the spectrum.  You would go crazy trying to follow all of it.  In my opinion, your general preparation comes down to common sense.

Be you!

It might have to be a more polished you, but you’ll be more comfortable being yourself.  Also, when you get that first job, you can relax and still be yourself, and “yourself” won’t be a surprise to the director.  (I would imagine that would be quite annoying to think you’re hiring this lovely young lady, only to find she’s really a crazy diva!  I would think that would give you a bad rep.)

For example: I’m not one that generally wears make-up and blows out my hair everyday.  But for auditions, you bet I do!  It’s not that I can’t, or that I don’t acknowledge how great I look when I do, it’s just not on the top of my priority list every day.

This is more challenging than it sounds.  It requires you be totally confident in yourself.  I’ll be the frist to admit, that’s a tough one!

If you do everything you can do, are prepared with your material and your presentation, then you should be happy with your audition.  You never know, you could be too short for what the director is looking for.  There nothing you can do about that!

Often when you get a different part than you were striving for, you’ll realize that the part you got is perfect for you, and the one you didn’t get you probably weren’t perfect for and would have been totally stressed preparing for.

If you don’t get the part, don’t beat yourself up about it!  Go to class, keep striving for perfection in your art.  And maybe next time you’ll be the perfect one for the part!

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