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musings on food

Especially if you’re a dancer, you know the struggles with food.  Even if you don’t have an eating disorder.  What to eat, and when to eat it with a crazy schedule, can drive you crazy.

As a dancer, you need to fuel your body.  But you also have to keep your weight in check.  It’s always easier to take a costume in than to let it out! 

Experts tell you not to eat late.  But what if you have rehearsals until after 9:00pm?

They tell you to eat carbs before you work out and protein after.  Personally, eating protein late at night just doesn’t feel good.  And I feel like carbs don’t keep my hunger at bay if I have long hours in the studio.

If your day job is sitting at a desk, you know how office life can affect your weight.  It’s quite a challenge.  From the lack of movement to the treats that seem to be constantly around (especially this time of year), there’s no keeping your weight down.  And that makes losing that weight even more difficult.

I try my best to eat good foods, and cross-train outside of dance.  But it’s too easy to cheat, I love my food, and I love to bake!

So, please, if you have found a strategy that works for you, let me know!

And I will update the category with anything I find that works well.

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