the journey to paid professional performing artist

Why is it that I always psych myself out before any audition?

I hope I get over it soon.

Yesterday I registered for the Sweeney Todd audition, so no turning back without looking horrible.  I was all ready to run through my song at home, when I couldn’t find the CD with the music for the song on it.  Envision me, running around looking in every CD player I own.  I even went out to the car.  I thought it must be in my computer at work, even though there was absolutely no reason for it to be there.  So I called my voice teacher to get a lesson before to audition so I could run through the song with music.

I should have just taken a breath.

In a few hours I figured out that I could look up the song on YouTube.  I have done that tons of times before, me not having a piano at the moment.  For those of you in the same situation, it really does work well because most recordings you can hear the accompaniment better than the voices 🙂

And then, as I got in my car this morning, I noticed the icon on my radio showing that there was a CD in there.  It was in my car all along!  I didn’t turn the car on all the way last night, so it must not have showed up.

It’s always something every time I have an audition to go to.  Hopefully I can learn to not do this.  I’m sure it drives those around me crazy as well!

See my comments on this audition…

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