the journey to paid professional performing artist

Yesterday I just took my first ballet class in two weeks.  Before that class I hadn’t had a class in more than two weeks.  Anyone whose been in this position knows; that was not a fun class.

I’ve been rehearsing six days a week for Crazy for You.  Needless to say, I have not wanted to take class that seventh day.  I’ve learned it’s important to take a day off of dance.  I’ll work out in some other way, but not dance.

My teacher gave me a great tip though; I should be coming to rehearsal early and giving myself a ballet barre.  I’ve been warming-up, stretching, but nothing formal.  I think I will try this.

Ballet is great “medicine” for dancers.  It aligns you and gives you a basis to work from.  Crazy for You  is all tap and jazz, and stick-out-your-butt showgirl stance.  If you don’t remind your body how it’s supposed to work, you could easily lose your center working like that all the time. 

If you are in the south central PA region, here are a couple of great places to drop in and take class:

Harrisburg Ballet Theater – evening and weekend classes

Pennsylvania Regional Ballet – morning professional class

New Movement Dance Center – morning and evening classes, ballet and modern

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