the journey to paid professional performing artist

It’s the holidays!!  And if you’re like my family, and most families, food is an important part.  You have a special meal.  You make the cookies and confections you only make once a year.  You give treats, you receive treats.  And you stress about getting back to ballet class in the new year.

But if you try to hard to be good, you’ll feel deprived and not enjoy the holiday.  The past few years I’ve been able to maintain my weight from Thanksgiving through the New Year.  Can’t say I’ve lost, which is what I would like to do, but it’s better than gaining.  And so far this year, I’m doing the same thing.

Any treats you make, give away.  Part of what I love about baking is how it makes my house smell.  That is calorie free!  So by giving my treats away to friends, co-workers, my hair stylist, my mail carrier, I only have a few left for home.  So I get the fun and aroma of baking, and tasting, but not gorging.

Really try not to eat any more than you usually would for any other meal.  We see the big spread and just want to pile our plates up.  Use the same sized plates you normally would.  This should be a salad plate, not the super-big dinner plates they make these days.  Though if you’re using old china, the dinner plate is probably fine.  The mashed potatoes, my downfall, still taste as good in a smaller portion.  And then you’ll have leftovers for later.  If you do eat a ton at dinner, make sure to have an extra light supper.  You probably won’t want to eat a lot anyway 🙂

And don’t forget to keep moving.  More on that next time.

For now, have a Merry Christmas!!!

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