the journey to paid professional performing artist

It occurs to me that some of you might be wondering why I’m writing this blog.  Why would I be giving tips to my potential competition?

Yes, we all are in competition.  However, if someone gets something useful out of this who lives in LA, I don’t think that is going to hurt me.

Also, as Adrienne once told me, you have to dance well.  If you’re my competition at the same audition, and we both have the same information, but I dance better than you do, then I deserve to get the part over you.  None of these tips are going to replace being great at your craft.  What it will do is if there are two artists that are both talented enough and look the part enough, the one with audition savvy is more likely to get the part.

The biggest reason of all is that I believe we in the arts need to stick together.  I have believed this for a long time.  When I lived in Erie, PA, there were a few things happening that I thought were great.  I was a member of the Lake Erie Ballet.  There were a couple of times where we collaborated with the Erie Art Museum.  One was for an exhibit, “Dance Bodies,” where a few members of the company did living statues in different created environments.  We also did a similar thing when the museum debuted a dance inspired exhibit.  We dressed up at Degas dancers and were out on the front steps of the museum to attract attention.  I love when arts organizations come together, because I do believe that together we are stronger.

Rockette auditions happen to be the best and worst.  They are horrible because you have the smallest amount of time to impress the directors of any audition I have ever been to.  Of course, they are also the biggest audition I ever go to, so maybe all the huge Broadway auditions are like that.  I’m not sure this is true, because I hear a lot of girls complaining that this is the audition they feel worst about themselves after.  I was getting to the good thing!  The longer you go, the more people you meet.  Rockette auditioners are some of the nicest dancers I have ever met!  You see people from previous auditions.  You see people from summer intensives.  It’s really wonderful and fun!

Auditioning is a very stressful part of being a performer.  I think it’s what keeps many performers out of the business.  So if I can help, I think it’s worth it.

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