the journey to paid professional performing artist

me (the one on the left in black) and my roomate, Catherine, on the stairs of Radio City Music Hall with two Rockettes, Summer Intensive 2010

Sunday is the audition for the Rockette Summer Intensive.  This is my third intensive audition, so I’m confident I know what’s going on.

This is also the third city I’ve gone to to audition.  The first year I went to Washington DC.  I can officially say that I’ve danced at Lincoln Center!  There were about 50 girls there.  I remember being shocked at the amount of junk most of them were wearing.  When I was young I was taught never to wear shorts or hoodies or shirts or any junk at all to auditions.

Last year I went the NYC to audition.  There were twice as many girls there, and they seemed a lot more serious, less junk 🙂  I think this was to foreshadow the intensive that year, for I found the dancers in general to be a lot more serious than the previous year.

This year I’m going to Pittsburgh to audition.  I’m going whenever it fits into my schedule best, and this is the earliest one in my area, so it’s best to get it out of the way before Crazy for You performances get too close.  I also have company this year; Lucy from the Crazy for You cast is coming with me.  Usually my husband, Brian, comes with me, but it’s not too exciting for him to wait around for me, so it will be nice for him to be about to sit this one out.  I also like that I’m able to share what I think is a great experience with a dancer friend.  You know me, I’m all for helping each other out!

I’m going to do what I always do in preparation for this audition.  I’ve been going to class when I can, and giving myself ballet barre before rehearsals.  Since Crazy for You is a jazz and tap in heels show, I’m feeling good about being prepared for the audition in heels as well.  The day or so before I’ll give myself a french manicure.  This is not a requirement, though it was suggested to me by a previous Rockette.  But for me, it makes me feel more the part, as does the hair and make-up.  And I think the more your feel the part, the more you will portray the look and feel of the part, and the people auditioning you will look at you and say, “she already looks like a Rockette!”  It’s more than outward appearance, it’s about how you carry yourself and feel inside as well.  It all shows!

The day of I’ll wear my hair in a french twist, and do my blue make-up (which highlights my blue eyes) with a red lip (but more subtle than the real Rockette audition I think, no crazy black liquid eyeliner and probably not such a strong red lip).  I’m giving us an hour to spare so we can either get lost or find lunch.  And I know they haven’t requested a headshot and resume, but I always bring them just in case.  Never go to an audition without one, you never know!

So Monday I’ll hopefully have some new thoughts and pictures to share about the Rockette Summer Intensive audition 2011!

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