the journey to paid professional performing artist

Yesterday was my third Rockette Summer Intensive audition.  This time, in Pittsburgh, PA.  It was smaller than NYC, more like Washington, DC, only 44 girls.

I’m pretty positive about how I did.  I’ve gone through an evolution.  To start I was like everyone else, too slow and not sharp enough.  Then I got more comfortable and started going too fast, so still not sharp enough because I wasn’t hitting and holding the positions.  Yesterday I felt a lot better.  I didn’t feel like I was ahead of the music.  I tried to perform and smile even when we were practicing.  And I believe I was given a correction (not perfectly sure who Eileen was looking at) and I worked on correcting it (so if it wasn’t me, go me for taking all corrections into consideration 🙂 ).

However, I wasn’t part of the group called out that seems to be for scholarships.  So that’s a little disappointing.  I’ve had the thought that maybe I’m too old and they want to give scholarships to younger dancers.  They know I’m going to stay.

My next hope would be that maybe they invite me to become an assistant.  Most of the assistants are former scholarship winners.  However, there are a couple who just got invited.  So I can hope.

Some observations about myself; I need to lose weight!!!  I have a friend who’s going to give me the Jillian Michaels 30-day workout, and I hope it jump-starts me.  If I could show up at the program lean and mean, that would be the best!

When you go to these auditions, realize that there will always be a mix of talents.  There are those auditioning for the first time who look amazing.  I don’t know where they get it.  I have seen a number of Rockettes who went to Point Park, so I’m wondering if that’s where these girls came from.  There will also be those that do poorly.  It was nice to see everyone being supportive of everyone else.  Everyone works just as hard to get there, so it’s really bad etiquette to beat anyone down.  It’s also not very Rockette-ish.  Everything I’ve ever done with them, they are very positive and nice.

I’ve said it again, but you can never know what they director is thinking or looking for.  It’s going to depend on the turn-out at other auditions; how many alumni return (once you’re in, you’re in, I keep auditioning so that I can dance the Rockette stuff more and hopefully get a scholarship); and I’m sure there’s lots more that I don’t even know about.  So you need to stay positive, no use double guessing!

If you’re going out for the Rockette Summer Intensive for the first time, make sure you are well-groomed, smile and look like you’re having fun (I know this is difficult when you’re nervous), and be as sharp as you can be.  That means using all the muscles in your body.  If you don’t feel tense, it’s probably not sharp enough.

In any event, I had a positive experience.  It’s still fun, so that’s all that counts!

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