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I usually like my cereal in the morning. I think the carbs get me going and give my body something to run on after not eating for so long. Though with my recent lack in ability to lose weight, maybe I’ll try this:

3 Ways To Fight Fatigue

The start of the new year is a great time to check in and evaluate how you are feeling. Ask yourself these key questions?

Do you wake up tired (even after a long night’s sleep?)

Do you need caffeine and sugar to get through the day (especially, the 3 p.m. slump?)

Are you short-tempered?

Do you experience frequent brain fog?

Do you often feel depressed and unmotivated?

Do you suffer from digestive distress (gas, bloating, constipation and/or diarrhea?)

Are you unable to lose weight?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or if you would just like to boost your energy, here are 3 easy ways to fight fatigue that you can do starting now!

1. Switch up your breakfast: Digestion takes a lot of our energy. Easing the digestive load on our bodies is one way to increase your energy. Starting the day with a glass of water with lemon (room temperature or warm). Then have a blended smoothie or fresh juice (such as the Carrot-Apple-Lemon recipe below). This small shift is one way to break your night’s fast by getting quality nutrients into your body without your body having to work so hard to break down the food you’re eating. Having a lighter dinner such as soup will take this even further. Try this for 3-5 days and see if you notice your energy levels improving.

2. Do Restorative Exercise: We all live a very busy, hectic, often over-scheduled lifestyle these days. You may not realize that strenuous exercise is also a stress on our bodies. Try doing restorative exercise such as yoga, light stretching or Zone Exercises (check out 7 f.r.e.e. Fat Loss videos for a demonstration of these restorative movements). Ideally, do these slow movements in a room with dim lighting before bed to help your body wind down after a busy day and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

3. Start a Sleep Routine: When you are well rested, you will have better mental focus, lose weight, have fewer cravings and so much more so it’s not really something you should take for granted. There are little things we can do to improve sleep that make a HUGE difference in our everyday lives. Getting to sleep earlier (preferably as close to 10 p.m. as possible), avoiding the stress of watching the news or other stressful tv shows right before bed and sleeping in a very dark room (no flickering digital lights or buzzing cable boxes) are some easy ways to improve sleep.

We hope these tips help you get on track for a more energized year! Be sure to let us know how these simple lifestyle changes work for you! If you are experiencing an extreme case of exhaustion, you may be experiencing adrenal fatigue. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about testing for adrenal fatigue.

~Amy Glass, JD, CHHC, AADP

The Bouncing Bunnygizer Juice

This will help you balance blood sugar levels, it’s an antifungal, and it’s great for helping people with candida. 

by Danyelle Demchock

3-4 Organic Carrots

1/2 of an Organic Lemon

1 Green Apple 

Put everything in the juicer and enjoy! 

Amy Glass is Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach and Founder of After decades of obesity, yo-yo dieting and struggle surrounding her weight and body image, Amy’s own 75 pound weight loss was the catalyst that sparked her passion to pursue a career in holistic health. With a 13 year career as a litigation attorney and raising a family, Amy understands firsthand the challenges of today’s stressful and active lifestyles. Through her practical and personalized approach, Amy empowers her clients to enjoy delicious meals while losing weight, getting healthier, happier and livelier.

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