the journey to paid professional performing artist

my support

Brian and me as the Dew Drop Fairy, backstage at the Nutcracker

No performer makes it on their own.  It takes support from those around you to make the ride bearable.  As I go into tech week for Crazy for You, it’s important to remember who got me here.

I am lucky to have parents who supported me from the beginning.  When I wanted to learn how to tap like Shirley Temple, they enrolled me in the local dance school.  Throughout the years, as I became more and more focused on dance as a career and not just a hobby, they supported my decision to major in dance in college.  Even now, every endeavor I attempt, they are there for me.  Attending my shows even though I’m now far away.

Getting married reorganizes your priorities, and adds more people into the mix, for good or bad.  I’m lucky that my in-laws are also supportive of my artistic tendencies.  My mother and sister-in-law also enjoy participating in their school and community theater, so they understand my desire to be on the stage.  They travel to see me as well, which is wonderful.

The person who actually has to live with my craziness is my husband, Brian.  He knew what he was getting into.  Before we were married he was getting roped into flying the curtain and helping backstage.  His sacrifice is all the time I spend at classes and rehearsals in the evenings and on the weekends.  He still helps out backstage when possible.  I appreciate his being there and taking an interest in something that is so much a part of me.  I wouldn’t be the girl he married if I didn’t dance and perform!

So take a moment to let those special people in your life know you appreciate how much they support you!!

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