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audition hair

Last Saturday I went to an audition at American Music Theatre.  I have wanted to audition there for a couple of years, but it’s never fit into my schedule.  So even though I had a Crazy for You show that evening, I went to the 10am open call.

I was surprised to find only 11 dancers there.  We were told it was the first time they had had a local audition in years.  They usually just audition in NYC.  That’s why it was so difficult for me to get to their auditions, it would be a whole day thing.  I know I had sent them videos once, but never received a reply about them.

I was very excited to make it all the way to the end of an audition.  This is the first time that an audition has made cuts and I have stayed until the end.  They have yet to audition in NYC, but I’m hopeful.

I was also the only one with my hair up.  It’s my default to put my hair into a french twist because most of the auditions I do are for the Rockettes.  When I do community theater auditions I usually put it in a pony tail.  I do that because I figure they are a little less formal because we aren’t professionals.  I wore my hair down for that one dance team audition, but that’s been it.  I even had it up for the cruise line audition I think.  Though if I ever do one of those again I may rethink that decision.

The audition said to bring jazz shoes, taps and character shoes.  I figured on a jazz/tap based audition.  That’s what the Rockettes are, so I went into default mode.  It ended up starting with more hip hop than anything else.  Thank goodness for that dance team experience!  Also, it was publicized as for their whole season, which includes an Andrew Lloyd Webber show, Dance Explosion and their Christmas Show.  ALW sound like it would be sophisticated, Dance Explosion more ballroomy (but it says with tap as well on their website), and I’ve heard their Christmas Show billed as the Rockettes of PA.  So I thought I was good going with my glamorous look.

Evidently I didn’t get the memo.  Though it didn’t seem like the other people had auditioned for AMT before either.  This audition would have attracted the jazzier set, and maybe that is how they are taught to do their hair for auditions.

I prefer to have my hair up when I dance.  Maybe it’s the ballerina in me, but I don’t want to worry about it falling in my face.  And I like it to look neat.  I may have to start rethinking that though.  It seems as though in Broadway type shows, the hair may be down and they will want to see what it looks like.  Think A Chorus Line.  So now I know what to do for next time.  And if I make it in this time, I’ll be able to ask the director herself what she prefers and will be able to get some insight into that.

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