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This weekend I was pleasantly surprised.  We had four days off between weekends for Crazy for You, and I was really worried about how it was going to go without a pick-up rehearsal.  It went beautifully!!!  It’s like we never had a break, except that we were all rested 🙂  We must have been really well rehearsed to pull that off I think.

We also had a great review in the paper, which I’ll paste below.  I love doing shows over many weeks because the review can have an effect.  The effect of this one is sold out houses, yea!!!!

BY LEWIS E. SILVERMAN, For The Patriot-News

The true depth of our region’s artistic talent has never been more apparent than in Theatre Harrisburg’s latest offering, George and Ira Gershwin’s “Crazy for You” at Whitaker Center. Under the direction of Stuart Landon, this enthusiastic cast will lead you to energetic heights and have you dancing in the aisles by show’s end.

“Crazy for You” was dubbed the “new” Gershwin musical when it debuted on Broadway in February 1992, where it won the Tony Award as best musical. But there was nothing new about it; the show was largely based on another musical by this duo of brothers, 1930s’ “Girl Crazy.” From that score, they took five songs and integrated other numbers from the Gershwin roster of music to create this “new” show.

The plot revolves around Bobby Child, the son of a prominent East Coast banker. Though he’d rather be a song-and-dance man, Bobby is forced to enter the family business.

His first assignment is to foreclose on the Gaiety Theater in Deadrock, Nev. When he arrives in Deadrock, he falls in love with Polly Baker, the daughter of the Gaiety’s owner, and Bobby dedicates himself to saving the theater.

But Polly doesn’t trust him, so he impersonates the great Broadway producer Bela Zangler, brings in his old dancing-girl pals from New York, and puts together a show. Naturally, Polly falls in love with “Bela,” not realizing it’s really Bobby. When the real Bela shows up, that’s when things really get “crazy.”

As Bobby Child, Michael Zorger is outstanding, with boundless energy, impeccable comedic timing and the perfect stage presence necessary for this role.

Marisa Keener (Irene), Mandi Krepps (Polly), Allison Graham (Tess) and Jenna Mae Reck (Patsy) are equally as strong with their singing, dancing and high-octane enthusiasm.

Kerry Mowery (Bela) is a veteran Harrisburg actor who, once again, brings a shine to his role. His scene with Zorger early in the second act, which ultimately leads to the duet “What Causes That,” hit the mark and is one of the show’s many highlights.

Bill McCarthy (Lank) continues to grow as an actor before our eyes. The mark of a good performer is the ability to create each new role without reminding the audience of past characters that he or she might have portrayed. McCarthy successfully accomplishes that with his performance.

The production team of Landon, choreographer Judy Williams-Henry, scenic designer Nels Martin and costume designer Paul R. Foltz receives high marks for well-executed contributions to the key elements that made up the entire production package.

The true test that demonstrated the professionalism of this cast came during the technical glitches with the sound system that occurred several times throughout the performance. The actors remained in character and never lost their focus. As a result, they turned what might have amounted to a disaster into show-saving moments.

“Crazy for You” will have you leaving the theater singing and smiling. The only thing truly “crazy” will be you if you miss this show.

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