the journey to paid professional performing artist

futile audition?

Saturday I auditioned for the production company that puts on productions for a couple of amusement parks in my area.  I keep learning from every audition I do, so it’s never a bad thing to do every audition you can.

As you can see from this picture, I wore my hair down for the audition.  I have learned I do not like it.  This picture is after the audition and the two hours of driving each way to get to it.  So it looked better before the audition.  But I didn’t like it whipping around me as I danced, and I don’t think you could probably see my face as well with it down.  So in the future I will wear it up or in a pony tail.  From those they chose to see a second time, it was half and half with the hair up and down, so I don’t think it really matters.

I did like that way I did my make-up.  You can’t really tell, but it’s just pink eye shadow with black eye-liner and mascara.  I think it was just subtle and pretty.

I think I had a pretty good audition, besides being distracted by my own hair.

However, before we even were close to starting, one of the audition team came out and said that they had already cast most of the shows, having auditioned over 8000 people.  That was a psychological move I’ve never encountered before, not that I’m thinking it was purposely like that.  I do appreciate knowing that, so I can be less down on myself.  Just goes to show you that every audition is different, be that because of the situation or because of you.

The lesson here is that if there is an audition tour, don’t think that they will cast at the end.  They may be casting as they go along.  So if you really want the job, audition at the earliest audition you can.

A super positive thing I noticed; when explaining one of their shows, the choreographer said that if you weren’t that kind of dancer, that “this might not be the show of you.”  So instead of the dancer being deficient, it just wouldn’t have been a good match.  I loved that!!!  Because I think it is totally true; not every job will be good for every dancer.  It’s not that they’re a bad dancer, it’s just that they are not strong in that style.  I thought it was a fabulous attitude!

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