the journey to paid professional performing artist

sing loud!

In preparation for last Saturday’s audition at Gretna Theatre, I knew that I would have to put my best singing out there.  Gretna is an outdoor theater, so I would think having a big sound is going to be good.  There’s less to bounce off of, so a small voice just isn’t going to be heard.

Also, you have to sing before you dance, and I think they make cuts after the singing.  So in order to get the chance to show my stuff, I have to sing well.

My voice teacher and I went through the songs already in my book, and thankfully a couple will work.  With less than a week to the auditions, it’s good not to have to learn a new song.  I sang a part of “I’m not at all in Love” from Pajama Game.  I thought I sounded pretty loud.

And it worked!  They asked me to come back for the dance call-back.  My resume must have looked good enough, and my singing wasn’t bad enough, that I was worth a look.

I was very impressed at how they took their time with everyone.  Even if it wasn’t along period of time, they seemed to pay attention to that specific person while they were auditioning.  And they were up front if they didn’t see a part for that particular person, which I thought was nice.  Then you know it’s not that you’re not talented, but that they really don’t need your type.

They told me that they have a couple of real Rockettes that perform with them over the summer.  I was excited and a little daunted at first.  But I shouldn’t be.  They already have spots in the cast I’m sure, they aren’t my competition.  It would be awesome to be able to perform with them, get to know them, maybe get some tips.  It is really exciting!

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