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I’ve noticed a lot of people searching for how to do a french twist.  So I’ve gathered what I think are a bunch of good links that show you how.

This style is so important to me because it is how the Rockettes do their hair.

I personally do mine this way.  I was taught this way in my college dance program.  It can be done starting from the top or bottom.  Since most people will twist their hair one way easier than the other, stating at the top or bottom determines which way the roll is going.

1) I gather all my hair into a low (or high if starting from the top) pony tail, making sure it’s all smooth.  Just hold it, don’t put a hair tie in.

2) Start twisting your hair, direct up if you started with a low pony tail and down for a high one.  You will notice the hair starting to form a roll.  Smooth the hair over the roll as you go up, tucking the hair tightly into the roll.

3) At the top, fold in the remaining tail of hair, doubling it back down and tucking it into the roll.

4) Add pins to secure.  I usually start with some bobby pins all the way down, crossing them.  Then I add hair pins, catching the side edge of the roll at a right angle to my head and then turning and pushing them into the roll.  I’ve found this makes a nice tight finish.

A trick if you have really smooth, straight hair is to curl it first.  It makes your hair less slippery.

This might not work for everyone, but you have to start somewhere to figure out what works for you and your hair.

Want more ideas?  See the links below… (long hair)

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