the journey to paid professional performing artist

call backs!

My first professional call-back.  Yay!!  One step closer!

I can’t say enough good stuff about Gretna, they sound like such at place to work, I really hope I get the opportunity.  If not now, I think I’ll keep auditioning for them, even if I move out of the area.

They were so up front about everything.  When we would hear from them; what they expected of us; that it might not be that we aren’t talented, but that we don’t have the look they’re looking for; that they realize that some of us were there for dancer roles and some for singers who dance, so don’t worry about your performance, but just do your best.  It was so refreshing!

I did do the audition in heels, because they said all dance was to be in heels this year.  And that’s what they told me to bring to the call-back in the first place.  Of course I brought everything else just in case, but all I used were my heels.  It was on tiled concrete, which they knew was difficult to work with.  But I did everything full out and everything that they asked, so hopefully that will win me points.  I was the second group to go and then they let us go, so I don’t really know how I did compared to everyone else.  There also wasn’t a mirror, so I couldn’t correct anything I saw in myself.  I just have to hope my feeling was right.

They also told us that they were picking 65 places from 1300 auditionees.  Hopefully that includes everyone, even if they didn’t get called back.  And they also audition in NYC, which makes me nervous.  There is just so much talent out there, I’m going to feel very lucky if I get a part.

But the experience was so great.  Part of that was them, as I’ve mentioned.  But part of that was me too.  Last week I psyched myself out.  This week I got myself excited for the audition.  It’s easier for me to do when it’s a dance audition, because I just get excited to dance.  All the other people there were very nice as well, and I saw a couple of people I had seen at the first audition, which always makes it better.  And a friend from Crazy for You was there.  It’s always nice to see people you know, I think it makes you more relaxed because you can talk about stuff and keep your mind busy.  Then it can’t play tricks on you!

So fingers crossed!  I’ve done all I can do, it’s up to luck now.  Please, please, please, please, please…

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