the journey to paid professional performing artist

My lucky earings!

Wow, I ended up getting a call-back for Sylvia!

I was really hoping I would, but really was no judge of how I did in the audition.

I prepared by reading the play, LTM was nice enough to lend me a copy.  I read it all the way through once, then just re-read the parts that Sylvia is in.  I also went to You Tube and listened to the Cole Porter song that is in the play, “Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye.”  I tried to think about how I would play some of the scenes, but not being a trained actress I didn’t know what more to do.

The director only had me read one scene.  I think that might have been because I read a last week as well, so it’s not like she hasn’t seen me before.  She did have me read it twice, giving me direction in between.  And one of the producers read opposite standing right there with me, so it wasn’t too bad.  It did remind me of the Bye Bye Birdie call-back, since I had to read the scene twice there too with direction in between, so this must be normal.  I tried to take the direction as best I could, but this is a new world for me.

It must have been good enough, because I was asked back the next day.  True, there were eight people auditioning for four roles, but if I had been absolutely horrible, they wouldn’t have asked me back, right?

So, the call-back to me was as mystifying as the audition.  There were three of us up for Sylvia.  This made me nervous right off.  More people were able to audition the same day as the call-back, and that’s when they came.  I wasn’t aware of this, so they were a surprise.

The director had each of us read two different scenes; the beginning with Greg and the cat scene with Greg.  My interpretation of the first scene was to be very sweet, and then the cat scene of course was more high energy.  I tried to be very focused in that second one, like there was a cat right there.  And I’m sure they were checking to see that we would be ok with all the cursing there.

Again, I really didn’t know how well I did.  I thought of the other two girls that one was better than the other, but you never know the director’s vision either.  So by the time I got home I had convinced myself that I didn’t have enough experience for acting and I hadn’t gotten the part.  So that made me extra excited when I did get the part!  I had a very difficult time sleeping that night 🙂

PS: Pictured are officially my lucky earings.  They have gotten me two call-backs and a lead role now.  Rhinestones may have been my go to accessory, but pearls are now my best friend!

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