the journey to paid professional performing artist

So, in performing in Sylvia, I have learned something about myself.  A fellow cast member asked what I liked better, dancing, acting, or musical theater.  I couldn’t answer.  I just love being on stage!  It doesn’t matter what I’m doing there.

That opens up a whole new world!  I can audition for anything now.  It really does seem like the opportunities that have come around lately have all been for a reason, not to get too sappy about it.

I do want to share the review and article that were written about Sylvia.  There’s one bit that still makes me cry: “When ‘Sylvia’ premiered in New York in 1995, the title role was played by Sarah Jessica Parker. It is difficult to imagine that she could have given any more of an appealing performance than Ms. Cagle’s.”  ‘Nuff said.

Here is that article in full:

PDF version in link is no longer available.

This is an article written before the show opened.  Barbara was wonderful to talk to, and she made me sound better than I’m sure I sounded in real life.  And, as a friend of mine commented, “by the end I felt like I knew you.”  It’s the best pre-show article I think I’ve ever read, and that’s not because I’m in it.  That all has to do with the writer.  Here it is:

PDF version

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