the journey to paid professional performing artist

You’d think that after a while there would be nothing new to discover.  But even as I keep auditioning, each experience is new.

I just auditioned for Zombie Prom at the Little Theatre of Mechanicsburg.  If you’ve ever heard of this show, you will know that it’s like Grease: basically teenage roles and late-thirties and above roles.  This director has listed as specially wanting the teenagers to play as 18, and the two adults to play as 36.  I look young for my age, but I don’t know if I can play that young.  And I’m not even 36 in reality yet.  Being that I look younger than I am anyway, I don’t know how well getting an adult part would work.

But it all depends on who else shows up at the audition as well.

There were two nights of auditions.  The night I went there were only three other people there.  And they were all under 18.  So from that group I would guess I’d be pegged for the adult role.  However, I went there to get the romantic lead.  (My resume is getting too many character roles on it, like Gloria in Bye Bye Birdie and Sylvia in Sylvia, so I want to get it more rounded out.)  I put on a 1950s-esque skirt and blouse and put my hair up in a bouncy, curly pony tail with a big ribbon in it.  I was the only one who tried to look the part.  I put in the audition form that Toffee was the part I wanted, but that I would take anything.

Hopefully my effort will work out for me.  Though, I also realize that an appropriate boy would have to audition.  This is where my anxiety really comes from.

I’m getting better at my nerves for auditioning.  Reading isn’t so bad anymore.  I think the singing is still the worst.  Though it’s better after having had to sing for Sylvia.  I’m hoping if I get a role it will make me even more confident singing.

What I’m really nervous for now is being put with someone who is way too young for me.  The one boy that was there the night I auditioned was very outgoing, but almost half my age.  I think that would be way too weird.  It’s going to be bad enough doing a romantic lead for the first time, but if they paired me with someone like that, it would really be an experience.

But that is what I’m in it for!!!  I auditioned because I like the accomplishment of something new, even if it preceded by fear of the unknown.

And if I get the adult role, it’s not the end of the world.  It may not diversify my resume, but it’s probably a more fun role.  And it’s a good role.  I would have to sing by myself, which hopefully would up my confidence in singing like I said before.

I have to trust that the directors would not cast me at all over casting me in a role that wouldn’t fit.  If I’m too old for a teenager and too young for an adult, I’m fine with that.  It’s their name on the show, and I wouldn’t think that would look good, so I have to trust.

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