the journey to paid professional performing artist

i am everywhere!

I’m feeling grateful lately.  But I need to also admit it’s because of my hard work and getting myself out there.

I'm the bottom right picture, for "Sylvia."

In the last couple of weeks I have received promotional materials from two different local community theaters with my picture in them.  The one is a group picture, but the other is just me!!  As Sylvia in Sylvia of course.

It’s not that I’ve never been pictured before.  For years the City of Harrisburg has been using my picture for their Harrisburg Holiday Parade.  I was in the parade once for the dance company I was with, dressed as Russian from the Nutcracker.  Someone got a great picture of me, and used it for a long time.  (There’s a new mayor now, so who knows if it will ever be seen again.  I hope I kept a copy…)

But to have them both out at the same time is pretty fun.  I feel lucky that I was in pictures good enough to publish and send out everywhere!  And in a strange way it inspires me to keep going, keep being seen, and hopefully wonderful things are still ahead for me!

I'm the second girl on the left in the silver dresses, for "Crazy for You."

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