the journey to paid professional performing artist

Every director has their own style.  and you have to adapt to each one.  I have now run into one that took me a while to adapt to.

This director had a very laissez-faire style.  In my acting so far (that’s only three shows before this one I’m talking about) the directors have been very specific on what they want you to do.  If it is ad-lib, they narrow what you’re supposed to be doing, and let you know right away if it’s not what they want.

From this one, I have been given zero direction on how I’m to deliver my lines.  She has corrected a couple of people on their delivery, so I must be passable if she hasn’t said anything to me.  It just makes me nervous because I’m not that experienced and actor and would appreciate some feedback, even if it is just that I’m doing well or on the right track.  It also makes me feel like she doesn’t really know what she wants maybe, and just letting us di whatever we want.  I know it’s community theater, but we still want it to be the best!


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