the journey to paid professional performing artist

For my next foray onto the stage, I will be performing the role of Wendy Carey in Little Theatre of Mechanicsburg’s The Uninvited.  This is not the Uninvited of the recent movie, but of the 1940s movie.

The challenge here, you know I always need a challenge, is that I have to speak with a British accent.  I thought I could do this, living in Canada when I was young, but it’s not an easy thing to do. 

In my nervousness or something, my first rehearsal I enunciated too much.  Without that I found myself slipping in and out of the accent.  Then, there were words that I didn’t know how to say or didn’t say correctly.  I’m wondering if growing up in Canada helped or hurt me for this accent.

It’s also been a long time since I lived there, and accents fade.  When I first moved here I remember people thinking I was from England, and that is no more.

I’m very grateful to my director for taking the time I go over things with me.  Hopefully I will give a convincing performance.

This experience has made me want to learn more accents.  I think they are valuable to an actress.  I tried out earlier this year for a role that needed a Cockney accent; my little British accent wouldn’t do, and I couldn’t learn Cockney in time for the audition.  I admire people who can imitate really well.  Perhaps if I had started doing this sort of thing earlier in life, it would have helped.  Though I am not one to let that stop me!  I wonder if those mp3 classes you can buy are any help…


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