the journey to paid professional performing artist

fun show

Never discount how great a fun show can make you feel.

I recently performed in the Tap Pups “Encore Performance: The Show.”  It was so fun, I wish I had joined the group earlier!  It is a very special group.

Vicki’s Tap Pups is a group of adults who tap dance.  Some danced when they were younger, some took it up as adults.  But the thing they have in common is their energy.  Everyone is so welcoming, supportive and positive.  Even the instructor makes you feel like a million bucks.  She has the talent of pushing her students to their personal potential.  If you have an injury or condition that prohibits movement, she understands.  But if you don’t, you’d better be full out!  It’s wonderful!

And the production was more elaborate than I thought it would be.  A professional production crew mixing music, video, lights and stage dressing.  It was really quite a spectacle.

This show is the first time I’ve danced on stage for more than a year, and the first time doing a dance-only show in almost three years.  It was great to be on stage, surrounded by people as joyful in dance as I am!


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