the journey to paid professional performing artist

about me

I am a performer currently based in the Harrisburg, PA area.
I am proficient in ballet (including pointe work) and tap dance, with extensive training in jazz and modern.  I sing (soprano) and have started acting as well.
I attained my Bachelor of Arts in Dance from Mercyhurst College under the direction of Tauna Hunter.  I received concentrations in both performance and teaching/choreography.
I also hold a BA from the Walker School of Business at Mercyhurst College in Performing Arts Management.  For the past few years I have been working with dance organizations in the Harrisburg Area on their public relations plans.

My ultimate ambition is to be a Radio City Rockette.  To that end I am taking the steps I hope are necessary to achieve this.  Hopefully what I learn can help you on your journey as well.


Comments on: "about me" (2)

  1. Caryl Negri said:

    I am attending the 2013 audition. The website is very vague. Do I just show up on the street? If I only have flat jazz & tap shoes will they be acceptable?


    • Caryl,
      I’m sorry I haven’t responded sooner. I hope you went and had a good time! You do just show up on the street. I would say in general you should have heels for both. However, at one audition I was next to a girl who had no shoes, so she borrowed my jazz flats and got through to the next round while I didn’t. So you never know!

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