the journey to paid professional performing artist

audition tips

I will be expanding this section as my experience grows.


1) get a great headshot

2) prepare your physical appearance so that you are confident and look and feel the part.  That might mean manicure, specific hair and make-up, style of dress.

3) don’t forget post-audition etiquette, send thank you notes with business card/photo.


1) dress: dance attire appropriate for the part you want (ex: pink tights and leotard for ballet, jazz pants and crop top for cruise lines, tan tights and leotard for Rockettes, you’ll have to research for that Broadway show)

2) shoes: I’ve been told to bring all your shoes, because you will never know what they will ask of you.  However, if the audition posts that you need only specific shoes, I’ve never been asked to perform in anything but those shoes.  They may ask if you can dance on pointe, for example, but I’ve never been asked to prove it.  so if you’re sure about the audition and what they will ask of you, bring only what you need (ie Rockettes need heeled taps and characters), but if you don’t know, better safe than sorry and bring everything.

3) hair: buns for ballet, french twist for Rockettes, down for dance teams, Broadway type shows I would say might be some form of down (pony tail, half up half down) but do your research on what is typically done for the show if you can

4) make-up: make yourself feel pretty!  no fake eyelashes, especially if you’re close to the casting people you can look scary.

5) technical preparation: daily dance class!  warm-up well, perhaps with a ballet barre!  prepare a number if requested

For a good concise tip list, go here:


1) dress: dress up, dress or skirt and heels for women, dress pants and dress shirt for men (tie optional)

2) grooming: coiffed hair and pretty make-up, nothing too crazy, make sure you feel confident in how you look

3) technical preparation: prepare 16 bars of a song in the style of the show, but not from the show, unless there is a specific request as to song choice


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