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my non-dancy dance photo

Just a quick update on this previous post:

When I picked that photo to put on my blog, I had no idea Christopher would pick it to edit as well. 

Again, I’m very surprised at how much my eyes pull focus, since I’ve never had pictures that do that before.

If you need headshots, model or just fun pictures, make sure to check out Christopher Kadish.


seize every opportunity

I have people in the show I’m rehearsing for now telling me I’m crazy.  I’m going  to run myself ragged.  How do I fit everything in?  It’s because I’m trying to put myself out there and take every opportunity that comes my way.

I know that if I’m successful I won’t be able to do this.  But right now I have a day job that is thankfully sensitive to my desire to perform.  So I try to take everything that comes my way.

That resulted in the great singing audition I had a couple of weeks ago.

It also takes me to new places, like the DC Tap Festival.

Sometimes I drive a lot, or get up really early to get to places, but I know the experience will serve me and my resume.

Recently, I had another opportunity present itself when I got my headshots taken.  When Christopher heard that I was a dancer, ballet specifically, he suggested we do some artistic dance shots.  This turned out to be a great new experience!  These are the first photos where my dance position doesn’t matter.  That is kind of freeing. 

It’s taking a lot for me to do these new things, like Gloria in Bye Bye Birdie.  But each experience is showing me that I can be successful at new things.  That my training will get me through what is asked of me. 

That is confidence building if nothing else!

Want to see how Christopher edited this photo?  Click here…

headshots, headshots, headshots

To most, this is a dreaded word.  Maybe as performers we are just so critical of ourselves that we can’t even look at our picture without picking it apart.

I know I’m that way.  I can’t just look at the whole and say, nice picture.  I have to look at each detail for flawlessness, which of course can never be there.

The first headshot I ever had taken was when I was in college.  It is a beautiful shot.  Well-posed and I think it looks quite nice.  However, it is in black and white and does look like a portrait.  These days color is the trend, and pictures show a lot more of your personality.  Highlighting the eyes is a technique often used to achieve this.

I still love this picture of me.  I have it framed in my house and don’t plan on changing that.  However, I need to keep up with the times, and my look is different now.  So the search for new headshots begins.

I started when I first auditioned for the Rockettes in 2008.  I found a local photographer who I thought would fit the bill, and he fit into my budget.  This was in my mind a disaster.  I looked like a linebacker, my shoulders overpowered the photograph.  Also, I did choose to go black and white again.  I have never used this picture, and hesitate to even put it here.

Shortly after that I got a recommendation for a photography studio, Portrait Innovations.  This time I did go color, though I got one printed in black and white anyway.  However, at that point in my life my hair was not looking the greatest.  I have since don’t something about that and it looks much better, the style suits me better I think.  Overlooking that though, they are just nice pictures, nothing really showing my personality.  But I went to a portrait studio, what did I expect.   Two good things were the price, I think I pay $20 for three 8×10 prints whenever I need them, no sitting fee.  And selecting the photos I wanted was easy as well.  Using the computer, they put three pictures up at a time and make you pick one, and so on until you have your best two or three.  I have used the pictures from this session for a long time. 

Just last week and had a photo shoot with a real headshot potographer.  I went to Philadelphia and shot with Christopher Kadish.  If you Google him you will find other blog posts that say he is great, and I agree.  He was by far the best and most challenging to work with.  And by challenging I mean that he made me work to get emotion into the shot, not just a blank smile.  Ans speaking of smiles, this is the first time that I have pictures with me not smiling where I don’t look mean.  I still like the one of me smiling the best.  That just may be because I’ve never had good ones of me not smiling, so I have to get used to it.  Only time will tell if I get used to them or keep preferring the smling ones.

The photos below are just a sample of the great shots I got.  Please note that they are not cropped and not even retouched.  They look so great, I don’t know if they need retouching. 

Bottom line, I do think that these are the best headshots for professional use that I have now.  I still don’t like looking at pictures of myself too much, but now I don’t feel like I have an inferior picture to hand to the director compared to the other auditioners.  At this point, I think that’s the best I can do.  Maybe later I’ll get used to looking at my headshots.  This is still a fairly new game for me.