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i cried when i was possessed!

Me as Wendy Carey in The Uninvited

I know it sounds odd, but tonight was the first time I cried in character on stage!!!

Here’s the review, with my call-out:

“In her first straight dramatic role, Sylvia Cagle as Wendy, the Ouija-board psychic, provides a much-needed and essential center of wisdom and gravity. ”



i am everywhere!

I’m feeling grateful lately.  But I need to also admit it’s because of my hard work and getting myself out there.

I'm the bottom right picture, for "Sylvia."

In the last couple of weeks I have received promotional materials from two different local community theaters with my picture in them.  The one is a group picture, but the other is just me!!  As Sylvia in Sylvia of course.

It’s not that I’ve never been pictured before.  For years the City of Harrisburg has been using my picture for their Harrisburg Holiday Parade.  I was in the parade once for the dance company I was with, dressed as Russian from the Nutcracker.  Someone got a great picture of me, and used it for a long time.  (There’s a new mayor now, so who knows if it will ever be seen again.  I hope I kept a copy…)

But to have them both out at the same time is pretty fun.  I feel lucky that I was in pictures good enough to publish and send out everywhere!  And in a strange way it inspires me to keep going, keep being seen, and hopefully wonderful things are still ahead for me!

I'm the second girl on the left in the silver dresses, for "Crazy for You."

hair change

No, I didn’t sleep in curlers like I usually do.  I actually permed my hair!

I did it for the part of “Sylvia” in the play Sylvia.

Truth be told, I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while.  I’ve just never had the courage to do it, since it is so permanent.  I’ve also been told horror stories of perm outcomes, but those have been all from people who had it done in the ’80s.  So when the director of Sylvia dais she wanted Sylvia to have curly hair, that was just the push I needed to perm my hair.

I think the result is wonderful!

I haven’t had the style for long, but supposedly it will make it easier to style as well.  It should stay where I put it.  That will be novel for me, as normally my hair likes to do what it likes to do and is very difficult to do anything else.  Even if I sleep in curlers, it’s different each time I do it.

And then there is the fact that in Sylvia my hair needs to change, from scraggly, to nice, to an elegant updo, and back to scraggly.  Without the perm the curl would never hold through that.  Considering that I could see the curl even in my wet hair, and that it still had curl after sleeping on it, I think the permed hair will do quite well.

It’s not crispy, I’m using Garnier products for over-dry hair and curly hair.  And it hasn’t broken yet, so I think I’m in good shape.  Follow my evolution with this hairstyle in my photoblog

musings on my blog

Hello!…Is anyone out there?…

New as I am to this world of blogging, I often wonder what will become of this blog in the future.

I have been reading Wills and Kate’s official wedding site, as well as the Prince of Wales site.  They have “blogs” which are really chronological news articles.  In one week since the wedding site was launched, it has had over 2 million hits.  I have to say I’ve gone almost every day.  The Western world is fascinated by Royals, and this make that abundantly clear.

Will I someday be a popular, or even famous, performer?  Will people come and read my old posts to see where I came from and where my journey took me?

I hope so.  And I hope they will be inspired and assisted by the information here.

my support

Brian and me as the Dew Drop Fairy, backstage at the Nutcracker

No performer makes it on their own.  It takes support from those around you to make the ride bearable.  As I go into tech week for Crazy for You, it’s important to remember who got me here.

I am lucky to have parents who supported me from the beginning.  When I wanted to learn how to tap like Shirley Temple, they enrolled me in the local dance school.  Throughout the years, as I became more and more focused on dance as a career and not just a hobby, they supported my decision to major in dance in college.  Even now, every endeavor I attempt, they are there for me.  Attending my shows even though I’m now far away.

Getting married reorganizes your priorities, and adds more people into the mix, for good or bad.  I’m lucky that my in-laws are also supportive of my artistic tendencies.  My mother and sister-in-law also enjoy participating in their school and community theater, so they understand my desire to be on the stage.  They travel to see me as well, which is wonderful.

The person who actually has to live with my craziness is my husband, Brian.  He knew what he was getting into.  Before we were married he was getting roped into flying the curtain and helping backstage.  His sacrifice is all the time I spend at classes and rehearsals in the evenings and on the weekends.  He still helps out backstage when possible.  I appreciate his being there and taking an interest in something that is so much a part of me.  I wouldn’t be the girl he married if I didn’t dance and perform!

So take a moment to let those special people in your life know you appreciate how much they support you!!

my motivation for writing

It occurs to me that some of you might be wondering why I’m writing this blog.  Why would I be giving tips to my potential competition?

Yes, we all are in competition.  However, if someone gets something useful out of this who lives in LA, I don’t think that is going to hurt me.

Also, as Adrienne once told me, you have to dance well.  If you’re my competition at the same audition, and we both have the same information, but I dance better than you do, then I deserve to get the part over you.  None of these tips are going to replace being great at your craft.  What it will do is if there are two artists that are both talented enough and look the part enough, the one with audition savvy is more likely to get the part.

The biggest reason of all is that I believe we in the arts need to stick together.  I have believed this for a long time.  When I lived in Erie, PA, there were a few things happening that I thought were great.  I was a member of the Lake Erie Ballet.  There were a couple of times where we collaborated with the Erie Art Museum.  One was for an exhibit, “Dance Bodies,” where a few members of the company did living statues in different created environments.  We also did a similar thing when the museum debuted a dance inspired exhibit.  We dressed up at Degas dancers and were out on the front steps of the museum to attract attention.  I love when arts organizations come together, because I do believe that together we are stronger.

Rockette auditions happen to be the best and worst.  They are horrible because you have the smallest amount of time to impress the directors of any audition I have ever been to.  Of course, they are also the biggest audition I ever go to, so maybe all the huge Broadway auditions are like that.  I’m not sure this is true, because I hear a lot of girls complaining that this is the audition they feel worst about themselves after.  I was getting to the good thing!  The longer you go, the more people you meet.  Rockette auditioners are some of the nicest dancers I have ever met!  You see people from previous auditions.  You see people from summer intensives.  It’s really wonderful and fun!

Auditioning is a very stressful part of being a performer.  I think it’s what keeps many performers out of the business.  So if I can help, I think it’s worth it.