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Rockette audition tips

me at my first Rockette audition, Chicago

These are tips from my experience auditioning for the Rockettes and the Rockette Summer Intensive since 2008.

Also, at the Rockette Summer Intensive they have a talk about Rockette auditions, so some of this information is from there.

Much of this advice is good for any other audition as well, so everyone can check it out.

Please feel free to share your experiences, I would love to hear them!


Have a fabulous attitude starting five blocks from the audition.  You never know if the guy behind you in line at Starbucks works for Radio City.  And you don’t know if who is checking you in has a say in who is chosen or not.

Be nice to everyone.  This includes your fellow dancers.  You may be in competition, but if you show that you can’t get along with others, directors may not want to work with you.  I have posted before about how great the girls who audition for the Rockettes are.  Everyone is so nice to each other, and you get to know each other, that auditioning becomes more fun.

And we dance because it’s fun, right?


The gold standard is french twist. 

At the very least you need to have your hair well coiffed and in a style that you can dance in and it won’t obscure your face at all.  Only leave your bangs down if they are short enough to be out of your eyes.  Performance quality is very important, and if your face or eyes can’t be seen, your expression will be hidden.


The gold standard is black eyeliner and red lipstick.

You have to feel pretty yourself, so if you really hate black eyeliner, go for something else.  I’ll sometimes do blue eyes to accent their blue color.  However, I would always do a red lip.  If you don’t it will look like you don’t know who the Rockettes are.

In the audition. I'm the one in blue to the right of the front middle girl in peach, with two hands on one hip.


The gold standard is high-cut leotard, tan tights, tan heeled taps and tan character shoes.

I would not wear fishnets, even though they may look better on your legs.  Again, it shows you know what you’re doing, and Rockettes don’t wear fishnets.

In the end, you have to feel comfortable, beautiful and confident.  Choose your favorite leotard, though try for it not to be black.  If it is black, have something special going on with it. 

Your shoes need to match your tights.  It gives your legs a better line.  So if all you have is back characters and taps, wear black tights.  And that also means you really shouldn’t wear your hot pink tights 🙂

NO JUNK!!!  I think this goes without saying for any audition.  I’ve seen people put through, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to cut off your leg line with shorts or a skirt if the job requires you to have great legs.  What are you trying to hide?

No holes in anything.

I have been told that you should wear Capezio products because it will show that you know Capezio sponsors the Rockettes.  I don’t know about this.  You have to dance well, they won’t hire you just because you know Capezio is a sponsor.  I think you should wear what make you happy, and judging by what others wear, they agree.

Other grooming:

Be well groomed!!  I’ve been told to french manicure your nails.  Not sure if this will help, but I do it because it makes me feel more the part, so I can act more the part.

Don’t do anything new or crazy this day.  This is not the day to try out a new hair style or make-up that you just bought.  You need to be stress free and confident you look your best. 

At the Audition:

You need to pick up the information quickly, down to the placement of the pinky finger.  And they don’t give you much time to do it in.  Make sure to take note of positions they mention specifically, but also try to look at the demonstrators every body part and make sure you are matching them exactly, even if a detail isn’t mentioned.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Though if you ask one, make sure you do it right!  Pay attention to all corrections and make sure you’re doing those correctly.  Be as sharp and precise as you possibly can.


Comments on: "Rockette audition tips" (9)

  1. Sarah said:

    Hi my name is Sarah and ever since I was little I’ve wanted to be a rockette. I’m a dancer and I love doing what I do but I’m only 15 and I know that the age to try out is 18. So my question is when is the proper time to start preping myself for auditions?

    • I would start right now! Try out fro their summer intensive, that is the best preparation you can get.

  2. […] Hair, makeup, and clothing tips for your Rockette audition […]

  3. Anonymous said:

    Is it true that they are hiring younger dancers, say, 18-22, instead of older dancers?

    • I don’t know that for a fact. In the ballet world that is true right now, because the contemporary choreography is so hard on your body that you’re done by the time you’re 30.

  4. Michelle said:

    Hi!! My daughter auditioned for the RSI back in January! Do you have any idea when we will get results for the audition?? We are trying to plan our summer! Any feed back would be great!!

    • Hello! They should have told you when to expect to hear. I think you should have heard by the middle of April, if memory serves.

  5. Victoria Arakcheyeva said:

    Thanks so much for these helpful tips! I was planning on auditioning in the spring and I was hoping to ask you a couple of more questions. I have left my email with this comment. It would be wonderful if you could email me and help me clear some things up.

    • Victoria,
      I apologize for not responding sooner. I hope you had a productive audition! Please let me know if you have any questions!

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